Dry snacks which are easy to carry . has a very long shelf life more than 100 varieties are available with different tastes, textures , fried and non-fried.

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Like Lilo Chevdo, this mixture is little less moist and sweet. A different kind of potato sticks are used along with potato wafer. So this mixture is also called wafer chevdo. Its little red in color unlike the lilo chevdo.
Bhakharwadi of Baroda is known for its taste and text*. Not too hard not too soft. The stuffed masala has a predominant flavour of coconut, garlic, and freshly pound special Garam masala. Its has a tangy taste. Nt.- We also make Jain Bhakharwadi (Without Garlic)
This pungent crunchy snack is a delight to the taste buds. A favorite of not only Guajaratis but also amongst the Non Gujaratis. Major ingredients include wheat flour, black pepper corns and white sesame seed.
As the name says, this mixture comprises of sixteen different ingredients. Major ingredients are puffed rice and chanadal. Gunchy in texture and spicy in taste with a tinge of sweetness as its a local special